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Shane V. Cortesi

Welcome to the Law Office of Shane V. Cortesi

Brief Overview: I began my career working at a large law firm in New York. Since starting Cortesi Law 6 years ago, I have filed and been granted over 100 patent and trademark applications on behalf of small, medium-size and large companies. I also help IP clients with contract issues, such as joint ventures agreements, nondisclosure agreements and licenses. I'm committed to delivering sound, cost-effective advice. My law office is located just west of Vanderbilt, downtown Nashville. Meetings by appointment.

Legal Services


Cortesi Law performs patent searches and opinions, writes nonprovisional and provisional patent applications and design patent applications, manages domestic and foreign patent portfolios, and advises clients on patent infringement issues.


Cortesi Law performs trademark searches and opinion, files trademark applications, manages domestic and foreign trademark portfolios, and advises clients on trademark infringement issues.


Cortesi Law files copyright registrations and advises clients on copyright infringement issues.

Drafting & Negotiating Contracts

Cortesi Law drafts and negotiates IP license agreements and IP-related contracts, such as joint venture agreements, nondisclosure agreements and non-competes.

Business Formation

Cortesi Law assists clients in forming limited liability companies (LLCs) and partnerships.

Client Testimonials

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    We are very pleased with Shane’s management of our toy company’s IP portfolio. He brings along experience and expertise at an affordable price.

    Sam Harwell, President Big Time Toys
  • ReviewsReviewsReviewsReviewsReviews
    I have been paying intellectual property attorneys to protect consumer products I've been involved in for over 35 years. Shane Cortesi is my all time favorite IP attorney. He is very accessible, honest, affordable, listens well and speaks clearly and treats my money and my interests as if they were his own. Shane is the one out of 100 lawyers that give the other 99 a good name.

    Jamie O’Rourke, Nashville TN, Inventor of the FUNNOODLE Pool Noodle & Serial Entrepreneur

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